Impartial time keeper

a stand-alone hardware unit or software app for phone, tablet or desktop computer.
iRealPro or Hydrogen (mentioned below) can do the job. Look for these features:
Different sound for beat one, easy to change speed or Beats Per Minute


Electronic tuners are handy - ideally chromatic, with a physical needle, generate pitches as audio
or a piano / keyboard can really help with learning to use your hearing to play in tune

Music Staff Paper notebook

spiral bound - prefer Wide Staff Manuscript Paper or 10 staves or fewer per sheet sheet
three ring binder, ideally with pockets. You can print your own music paper for 3 ring binder use.

Transcription Software

change playback speed, change key set up practice loops
runs on Macintosh and iOS devices

Anytune Pro+
change playback speed, change key, set up practice loops
iOS / Mac (soon to be released on Android and Windows)


generates accompaniment or play-along parts, produce chord sheets
Mac, iOS and Android devices

Drum Machine

build your own patterns - from simple metronome to complete songs
free download - requires some technical expertise
Linux, Mac and Windows

Digital Audio Workstion / Sequencer

Digital Performer
professional level software excellent for MIDI and audio recording,
film scoring and audio production